Utilize Our Tech to transform Real Estate.


We’re always on the lookout for the best and latest tech solutions to help make real estate simple. That’s why we help every simpliHŌM Agent install the optimal tech stack for your business, and support you in utilizing it.


We’ve curated the perfect stack of tech tools to get your real estate business running like a well-oiled machine

Brokersumo (so you can track your commissions earned, monthly billing expenses, and 1099s)

Opcity Leads (so you can get new lead opportunities for buyers looking for their next home)

Dotloop (so you can easily manage the paperwork for your next deal)

Contract-To-Close Coordination (so you can simpliLIVE and not have to spend time managing the transaction)

Listing Management (so you can avoid the hassle that comes with listing a home)

Communication Tools

Communication is KEY to the real estate industry. That’s why we’ve made sure to provide the leading tools to help you succeed in every area of communication – from call scripts and a comprehensive CRM, to marketing templates and a network of experts who can give you support & feedback when you need it.

Comprehensive KCVORE CRM (So you can easily generate leads, manage your database, create drip campaigns, and close more deals)

Agent Network App with Mighty Networks (so you can communicate with your HŌMies)

Social Media Post Templates (so you can simplify your marketing presence with one-click marketing templates)

100 Page Playbook, with Call Scripts, Scenario Guides, Lead Gen Strategies, and more (so you can have the answers you need to grow your business at your fingertips)

Contract-To-Close Coordination (so you can simpliLIVE and not have to spend time managing the transaction)


As buyers are exposed to more and more sellers, on more and more channels – it’s more important than ever to distinguish your brand identity. So we’ve made sure to provide you with top-of-the-line marketing tools and templates, ready for you to use to promote your brand in both digital and print mediums.

Marketing Templates (So You Can Make Your Marketing Simple With One Click Integration From Your Listings To Make Social Posts, Videos, And Flyers)

Weekly Email Listing Blast (So You Can Reach More People With Your Listing. Just Send Us Your Listing, And We’ll Do The Rest By Adding It To Our Newsletter, Reaching Over 8k Contacts)

Custom Marketing Designs* (So You Can Have Custom Designs, Ranging From Flyers And Brochures To Newsletters And Banners. For An Extra Fee, You Can Have Marketing Made Custom For You!)

Custom Monogram Logo* (So You Can Stand Apart From The Crowd. Free Logos Are Available Or For A Fee, But Always Custom, Modern, And Suiting You.)

Direct Mail Marketing Support (So You Can Farm Neighborhoods Simply And Easily. Schedule Your Mail Marketing For The Year, And They’ll Be Sent For You To A List You Have Or One You Make Inside Our Convenient Platform)

Reach150 (So You Can Get The Reviews You Need. Just Send The Link To Your Client For A Review And Then Share Wherever You Like!)

Zipyourlfyer (So You Can Share Your Listings With Agents In Your Area. For A Small Fee, You Can Do Just That With Zipyourflyer!)