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[ simpliH0M ] : A group of tight-knit, professional, lighthearted, and approachable real estate entrepreneurs who put people and community first in every decision, while working toward building a simple, streamlined, and highly profitable real estate business.

simpliHOM Locations.

At simpliOM, we’re working to change the game in real estate, by bringing together the best elements both online and offline. That’s why we not only have state-of-the-art virtual resources and a decentralized support staff to help you over any hurdle in your business, day or night…

We also have beautiful physical locations, where you can meet your simpliHOM peers, co-work together, and connect with the larger culture & community that you’re now a part of.


The Culture Committee at each location is a team of agents who want to cultivate the simpliHŌM culture by planning and executing office events and trainings, in addition to the weekly online trainings and periodic in-person “REconnects”.

Every simpliHOM location is dedicated to upholding our culture of communication and REALationship. A REconnect is a time for our agents to hang out, have fun, invite their favorite vendors or agents and just have a good time. We believe that fun is just as important to success as hard work

EXPERT Staff Support.

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    Comprehensive Virtual Training Catalog

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    Weekly Online Training

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    Free contract-to-close coordination

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    Free inspection repair estimated

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    100 page Playbook with scripts and marketing

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    plans to help you find and close new leads!

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    Private simpliHŌM communication network

It takes more than the right tools, and the right knowledge to grow a real estate business that affords you and your family the financial abundance and freedom you desire… That’s why, In addition to the wealth of training you get as a simpliHŌM Agent, we also provide unparalleled support in any area of your business you might need it – including FREE contract-to-close coordination on every deal, and free repair estimates on every inspection.

Plus, we also give you our simpliHŌM Playbook - filled with over 100 pages of scripts, forms, and guides to help take the guesswork out of finding leads, closing deals, and propelling your business to where you want it to be. And if you can’t find your answers in any of the resources listed above, you can ask our network of agents and brokers!

We know that in order to simpliLIVE, you need to know that you and your family are covered, that’s why we found a solution for health insurance for our agents and their families. With simpliBENEFITS, you can find a health insurance plan that gives you and your loved ones a foundation of safety & support

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